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  • 1 Every Jade Plate Location in Genshin Impact (Treasure Lost Treasure Found)
  • 2 How to Complete the Treasure Lost Treasure Found Quest
    • 2.1 Talk To Soraya In Guili Plains
    • 2.2 Map Location
  • 3 Treasure Lost Treasure Found – Quest Rewards
  • 4 Strange Jade Plate Locations
    • 4.1 Where To Find Strange Jade Plates In Genshin Impact
    • 4.2 Jade Plate Location #2
    • 4.3 Jade Plate Location #3
    • 4.4 Jade Plate Location #4
    • 4.5 Final Ruin Location
  • 5 Treasure Lost Treasure Found – Walkthrough Chart
    • 5.1 Locations Of 5 Ancient Stone Tablets
    • 5.2 Locations Of 2 Ancient Stone Tablets
    • 5.3 Locations Of 4 Jade Plates
    • 5.4 Locations Of The Final Ruin

Every Jade Plate Location in Genshin Impact (Treasure Lost Treasure Found)

The Jade Plates are items found in Genshin Impact. They are part of the puzzle for the “Treasure Lost, Treasure Found” quest and can be located throughout the world to ultimately obtain a lucky item. This guide will provide all the locations of these Jade Plates, so you can complete the quest and get your reward.

First up is Dawn Winery near Springvale. The jade plate is found on a set of stairs leading to an abandoned building near some wrecked ships. Next is South Bubble City on Starsnatch Cliff. You’ll find this jade plate at the very same location as the Anemoculus in front of a stone door with a large “7” engraved in it. Further east, you’ll find another Jade Plate at Stone Gate high on a hill near Qingce Village.

Go even further east past Wanmin Restaurant and you’ll be able to spot another Jade Plate outside Mt Aozang, wedged between two trees just off from one of Liyue’s most prominent mountain peaks. Moving northward near Dadaupa Gorge, you’ll find another Jade Plate tucked away between some stones and trees that overlooks Luhua Pool; finally, head northeast from there towards Starsnatch Cliff and keep climbing up toward Luhua Landscape for the last plate before concluding the questline with Katheryne back at Dadaupa Gorge.

How to Complete the Treasure Lost Treasure Found Quest

In Genshin Impact, the Relic Seeker or Treasure Hoarder quest line continues on with a new side quest titled “Treasure Lost, Treasure Found.” This mini-quest tasks players with finding four mysterious jade plates hidden throughout the Liyue region of Teyvat. To complete the quest and get your reward, you will have to find all four of the jade plates scattered about the region. Here’s how to do it:

The first plate can be found in Wangshu Inn, inside a chest at the top of Xianling’s room. The second plate is located at Jueyun Karst in Qingce Village, inside a pile of skulls near a stone altar before you reach Qingce Ruins.

The third plate can be found in Zhouzi’s Antique Shop located in Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor. Have Venti teleport you up to its roof where you will find an open window with the plate inside. Lastly, for the fourth and final plate, head to Guyun Stone Forest and use Venti to take you up onto one of the large rock archways where you’ll find a box containing it atop a pillar near two Siphon Pamines at Bosskuri Mountain Pass.

Once all four plates have been collected and placed into their respective slots within Taishan Mansion, talk to Grandpa Tang who will give players their reward — 2x Recruit’s Insignias which can be used towards unlocking character bills in Paimon’s Bargains shop!

Talk To Soraya In Guili Plains

If you’re trying to complete the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest in Genshin Impact, then you’ll need to talk to Soraya in Guili Plains. She will have a quest for you that requires you to find 3 jade plates scattered around the world. She will tell you where each plate is located and also provide some clues on where and how to find them. You can either travel around the map or search for them with your Anemo Vision ability. Once you find all three plates, bring them back to Soraya and she will ultimately reward you with some Primogems and Stardust. The locations of the Jade Plates are:

1. One Jade Plate is located at Dawn Winery near Liyue Harbor – Use Anemo Vision to uncover it from the ground

2. Another Jade Plate is located on Mt Aozang near Zhouwang’s Manor – You can use Anemo Vision again or just look for a small valley surrounded by mountains

3. And finally, the last Jade Plate is located at Guyun Stone Forest near Mingyun Village – Use Anemo Vision once more or follow a large canyon down until it narrows and leads away from the forest

Map Location

To complete the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest in Genshin Impact, you will need to locate four Jade Plates which are located around the map. The locations are:

*Mondstadt: This is located just east of the Mondstadt city walls. Look for a large rock formation with a glowing yellow light and you will find the plate.

*Stormterror’s Lair: You can find this plate just outside of Stormterror’s Lair, in an open area surrounded by large boulders.

*Guyun Stone Forest: This plate is located near the center of Guyun Stone Forest. Look for a set of columns and you will find the jade plate at their base.

*Qingce Village: The fourth jade plate can be found at Qingce Village, near one of the main buildings in town. Look for a small pond and you’ll find it nestled nearby.

Once all four plates have been found, return to Katheryne at Good Hunter in Mondstadt to complete the quest and receive your reward!

Treasure Lost Treasure Found – Quest Rewards

Treasure Lost Treasure Found is a quest in Genshin Impact featuring the Traveling Troubadour. The quest rewards players with the jade plates, which can be used to unlock new talents and unlock special abilities.

Players must accept the quest and follow the directions of the Traveling Troubadour to find five jade plates scattered across Teyvat’s seven regions. To find each plate, players will have to search in different locations such as Qingce Village, Tianqiu Valley and others. Once all five plates are found, they need to be returned to the Troubadour in exchange for rewards.

The rewards for completing this quest include Adventurer’s Experience, Adventurer’s XP, Primogem and Mora. Additionally, players will also obtain six jade plates that can be used on talent boards for certain characters in Genshin Impact. Completing this quest is not only rewarding but also provides a great way for players to increase their character’s power level.

Strange Jade Plate Locations

Strange Jade Plates are items found in Genshin Impact that can be used to reveal the locations of hidden treasure chests across the world. They are located all around Teyvat and can be found by interacting with special objects in certain places.

The locations of these plates vary greatly, and they can be quite hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Some of the most common places to find them include: natural landmarks such as trees, cliffs, and rocks; ruins of ancient civilizations; shrines and temples; mountain peaks; caves and other underground passages; on islands in large bodies of water; and even inside dungeons.

Once a Strange Jade Plate is obtained, it must be taken back to a Mondstadt statue or shrine in order for it to be activated. This will cause the plate’s corresponding hidden chest to appear, allowing for an additional method for players to obtain valuable loot from the game world. In addition, Strange Jade Plates may also lead players towards secret side quests or events that can provide even greater rewards like rare weapons or artifacts!

Where To Find Strange Jade Plates In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game set in the open world of Teyvat. It’s full of puzzles to solve, characters to meet and monsters to battle. One of the most interesting parts of the game is finding the mysterious Jade Plates scattered throughout Teyvat. Each plate represents a secret, and they are usually tucked away in hard-to-reach places. Finding all seven plates unlocks a powerful weapon known as the Windrise Sword.

Players can find Strange Jade Plates in various areas around Genshin Impact’s world. To start, players should look for statues at each of the seven archon shrines; if there is a locked door nearby, access it using a key obtained from one or two local NPCs or defeated enemies. The locations for each Strange Jade Plate are as follows: Springvale in Mondstadt; Mawu’s Sky Garden in Liyue; Luhua Pool at Mt Lanayru; Mingyu’s Dwelling by Dragon Spine; Dawn Winery at Flower Dance Altar; Yaoguang Shoal by Cuijue Slope; and Tianqiu Valley near Dragon Raja Valley.

In addition to these locations, there are also four other plate locations outside of Teyvat that can be considered sub-locations: Dawn City on Lisha Island; Thawing Springlands near Dragonspine Wall take an Anemo Sigil; Guyun Stone Forest on Dragonspine Peak use a Geo Sigil; and Wolvendom near Stormterror’s Lair use an Electro Sigil.

Finding all seven Strange Jade Plates can be challenging but rewarding. With patience and exploration, players will have no trouble unlocking the Windrise Sword!

Jade Plate Location #2

The second Jade Plate is located in the bright and vibrant Mondstadt region, in a spot called Stormbearer Point. This area can be found by traveling to Stormterror’s Lair at the top of Dragonspine and then heading south. Once you reach Stormbearer Point, you will see the Jade Plate on the side of a large rock formation just beside a small pond. You will have to climb up this rock formation in order to collect the Jade Plate. Be sure to bring some Wind Gliders with you before attempting this climb, as it can be difficult without them!

Jade Plate Location #3

Jade Plate Location #3 is found in the Dragonspine region of Genshin Impact. You will need to progress through the quest chain before you can access this part of the world. Once there, look for the Jade Plate marker just north of the peak, at a point where an icy lake is situated between two mountains. The plate itself is near a tree to the east side of the lake. Once you locate it, interact with it and you will receive a Geoculus fragment as well as an Anemo Sigil which takes up inventory space.

Jade Plate Location #4

You can find Jade Plate #4 in Liyue Harbor, perched on top of a small building near the south shore. To get there, you’ll need to make your way to the bridge there. Just past the bridge is a large building with a terracotta roof referred to by some as Zhongli’s mansion. On top of this building you will find a Jade Plate. The easiest way to access it is by gliding over from the nearby bridge or structure, but if you don’t want to bother, you can use one of the nearby statues that allow for ascension. Be warned though – the plate is surrounded by a large group of brambles that will slow your progress and damage your character if you try to attack them directly!

Final Ruin Location

The final ruin for the Jade Plate is located in the Liyue Harbor just outside of Qingce Village. Once you have arrived at the location head to the center platform and you will see a circle surrounded by dancing Mei. To interact with them press “E” and if you have completed all 12 other locations, you will be able to collect your final Jade Plate and complete your quest! Make sure to go here after completing all 12 other locations first. After collecting all 13 plates, a message reading “You have found all the Jade Plates” should appear in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, indicating that the quest is completed.


The Strange Jade Plate near Qiongi Estuary is one of the 11 Jade Plates that can be found in Genshin Impact. It is a large land-based monument located on the bank of a body of water and contains a strange writing etched into it. To find this particular Strange Jade Plate, players will need to head south from Qiongi Estuary until they reach the beach area. The exact location of this plate is at coordinates N13-31, east of the estuary itself. From here, players can find the strange jade plate with relative ease. The rewards for finding each Jade Plate are unique and varied – to get all the rewards associated with this particular plate, players must solve its riddle which can be found written below its surface.


The Strange Jade Plate Location near Sea of Clouds is located in the eastern part of Dragonspine. The mountain towers over the area and can easily be seen from a distance. The spot you want to look for is at the base of the mountain, just east of where the Peak of Vindagnyr level 5 is. There are two possible locations where you can find a Strange Jade Plate – one on the east side, and another on the west side, both marked by two pillars with a red banner between them. Interact with these goals to uncover a glowing circle around them. From this circle, you can then dig out a Strange Jade Plate that corresponds to your level.


The Strange Jade Plate is a collectible located in the Genshin Impact world. They can be found between Quiongji Estuary and the Domain of Forsaken Ruins. The Strange Jade Plates have a unique design and offer stat bonuses or Mora rewards when you defeat them in battle. You can also find items such as Ore, common materials and even Artifacts near these plates.

To locate Strange Jade Plates in Genshin Impact, look around cliff edges, on rocks or in caves that have a closed off entrance – these places are often good spots for finding plates. You should also keep an eye out for exclamation marks ! as this might signify a nearby plate or other interactive object such as an Anemoculus or Geoculus stone. Keep an eye out for strange patterns of light shooting through particular stones too – these are usually associated with collectibles, so it’s worth investigating further!


The Domain of Forsaken Ruins is an area in Genshin Impact which has several points of interest and places to explore. To access the domain, you must have completed the “Seeking Vital Intelligence” quest obtained from Katheryne at the Mondstadt Adventurer’s Guild. Within this area, you can find the Strange Jade Plate needed to complete tasks such as The Sword of Weaving Threads and Zhongli’s Labyrinthine Closure.

The Strange Jade Plate is located in a small ruin located just northwest of Dunyu Ruins Waypoint. It’s a relatively short journey from the waypoint, considering that some domains need multiple portals to get to the location. You will know when you’re close when you see large ruins poking out from within blooming flowers, as if trying to reach for something that only it knows about.

When you approach this particular ruin, there should be an unnamed NPC with a yellow icon above their head as well as a mysterious floating crystal nearby this appears randomly. Make sure to interact with both before attempting to find your jade plate because they will provide important information regarding its whereabouts. Once interacted with, go up towards high path on the wall faced towards east and look around for glittering object on it – this is where your jade plate is hidden!

Treasure Lost Treasure Found – Walkthrough Chart

Genshin Impact is an open world action role-playing game set within the fantasy world of Teyvat. Players will play as the Traveller, a mysterious figure who harnesses the power of the Archons, elements that grant him special abilities in combat and exploration. One of the main objectives in Genshin Impact is to collect all eleven Jade Plates scattered throughout Teyvat. To help you on your journey, here’s a walkthrough chart of where to find each Jade Plate.

1 Monstadt – The first Jade Plate can be found in Monstadt’s Dragonspine Mountains. Look for a small cave hidden behind a rocky outcropping. There’s a small hole at the base, and inside you’ll find a chest containing the plate.

2 Mondstadt – The second Jade Plate can be found in Mondstadt’s ruins near LakeStaynemont. You’ll need to climb atop one of the ruins and look for an entrance inside — it’ll be hidden behind piles of rubble and rocks. Inside you’ll find a chest with another plate for your collection!

3 Liyue – The third Jade Plate may appear random due to its location, but it isn’t too hard to spot if you look closely enough! It’s located on top of some rubble at Liyue Harbor near one of the buildings surrounding it. Look for two large stone pillars — there should be one right next to them with a chest containing another plate inside!

4 Liyue – The fourth Jade Plate is located at Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue. Look further into Stone Forest until you reach some ruins — there should be an altar that has yet another plate waiting inside! Grab it while you can!

5 Sumeru – The fifth plate is located in Sumeru’s Hidden Palace — specifically, look for an open-air tower near some walls with an entrance leading downwards into darkness. Inside this chamber lies another plate waiting to join your collection!

6 Snezhnaya – The sixth Jade Plate can only be obtained by completing Snezhnaya’s Frostbearing Tree Domain dungeon challenge. Once completed, there will be four chests waiting for you at the end — one will contain yet another precious plate from Genshin Impact!

7 Dragonspine – The seventh Jade Plate can only be obtained by completing Dragonspine’s Ancient Carving dungeon challenge as well as its associated puzzles and secrets required before entering said challenge itself — once completed, however, players will find three chests containing various rewards from which one contains this very precious item!

8 Anemo Island – This next item isn’t exactly easy to acquire either: it requires completing Anemo Island’s Oceanid Challenge dungeon—in this instance though, players will receive two chests post-victory—the contents are random but usually contains either gems or even rarer items such as relics…oh and yes—the eighth precious jade plate too!.

9Khufu Cove & Nantianmen – Khufu Cove & Nantianmen regions have their own challenges too; specifically, they require completioning both their Specifcally Into Sunsets And Storms Domains respectively before players can get their hands on yet another precious jade plates from Genshin Impactlocated deep within these dungeons are various rewards & wild boses behind which lieshidden treasure chests containing rare items such as relics…and yup–another jade plates!.

10Miyama Outskirts – This region requires completioning Miyama Outskirts’ All That Glitters Is Not Gold Domain before players can finally get their hands on yet another precious jade plates; upon completioning this domain’s challnges within delve deeper into its world until eventually reaching treasure chests containing rare items such as relics…and yup–another jade plates!.

11 Wakou Island – Finally we have Wakou Island’s Fabled Singer Of Salient Point Domain which must also firstbe completed before receiving access again yet more rewards suchas gems or even rarer items like relics…oh & yes–the final preciousjade plate awaits discovery!.

Locations Of 5 Ancient Stone Tablets

Genshin Impact is a gorgeous open-world game in which players explore the world of Teyvat to find powerful treasures and ancient artifacts. One such item is the Jade Plate, also known as the five Ancient Stone Tablets. These mysterious tablets can be found scattered in different areas of Teyvat, and are integral to Mihoyo’s epic storyline. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of all five locations so you can easily find the Jade Plates and progress through Genshin Impact’s main quest.

The first Ancient Stone Tablet can be found in Liyue Harbor, located just south of Dadaupa Gorge near Qingce Village. The second one can be located in Wuwang Hill near Mt. Aozang. The third Jade Plate is located in Guyun Stone Forest north of Lingju Pass, and the fourth is located directly east of Dragon’s Ridge at Dunyu Ruins. The fifth and final tablet can be found north-east of Starfell Valley at Cloudret Peak. Once you have collected all five tablets, make your way back to Archon’s Throne to complete your mission!

Locations Of 2 Ancient Stone Tablets

The 2 Ancient Stone Tablets are the key to unlocking the location of the Jade Plates in Genshin Impact. In order to find them you must venture out into the world and explore various locations. You’ll need to keep a sharp eye out for certain clues and puzzles that will lead you to the elusive tablets. There are a total of 5 different locations you must visit in order to collect all of the necessary items.

The first tablet can be found in Liyue Harbor, at a cave entrance near Mt. Aozang. The second tablet is located at Starfell Lake, southeast of Dadaupa Gorge. Both locations provide unique puzzles that are relatively easy to solve with some quick thinking, but if you get stuck try talking to other players or looking for tips online.

Once you have collected all five items, you will have all the necessary components required for unlocking the hidden location of the Jade Plates in Genshin Impact!

Locations Of 4 Jade Plates

In Genshin Impact, there are four Jade Plates scattered across the game world. Each of these plates can grant you a powerful weapon or artifact upon completion, as well as unlocking special bonus content. To get each Jade Plate, you’ll need to complete different puzzles and tasks throughout Teyvat. Here we will explain where to find the four Jade Plates:

The first Jade Plate is located in Liyue Harbor. This plate requires you to explore several nearby caves before it can be accessed. Once inside, you’ll have to solve several puzzles in order to unlock the plate.

The second Jade Plate is located at Mt. Aozang in Mondstadt. You’ll have to climb up a long path towards the peak of the mountain before locating a special altar that will unlock the plate.

The third Jade Plate is located in Springvale and requires completion of several quests before it can be unlocked. After completing these quests, simply head to Springvale village and locate an old tomb near its entrance; this will lead you directly to the third Jade Plate chamber.

The fourth and final Jade Plate is located near Dragonspine Mountain in Mondstadt; once again, you must complete several tasks before this last one can be unlocked as well. Once everything has been done, just head inside Dragonspine Cave and search for a hidden chamber that contains your reward – the final precious pieces of invaluable treasure!

Locations Of The Final Ruin

The final ruin is your last step in finding the Jade Plates in Genshin Impact. Here are the five locations of the ruins where you can find them.

1 Lingju Pass: This is located in the west of Liyue, south of Wangshu Inn. You will need to walk up a hill and then jump onto some lilypads to reach the ruin. Once inside, look for a small room with a windmill door. Interact with it three times to make it spin and open the treasure chest containing the Jade Plate.

2 Guili Plains: This region is located east of Guili Plains waypoint in Liyue, just north of Qingce Village. You will need to look for a small stone platform shaped like an hourglass at the top of some stairs and interact with it twice until it shakes, revealing a hidden path that leads you to another Ruin entrance guarded by beasts. Inside this ruin are two rooms; one that contains an Inactive Control Device and another that contains another treasure chest with a Jade Plate.

3 Mingyun Village: Located northwest of Qingce Village in Liyue, this Ruin entrance is within range from the mountain peak if you follow along its slopes until you find it guarded by monsters wielding light weapons. The entryway will be blocked off unless you locate and activate three pedestals near each other to unlock it, which reveals a narrow path leading downwards deep into dark corridors filled with enemies; at its end lies another treasure chest holding one more Jade Plate for your collection!

4 Dadaupa Gorge: You can find this Ruin entrance east from Qingce Village by following along its main roads until you reach its peak – only then will you be able to see its entrance guarded by an elementally charged barrier that requires special Keys obtained during your journey through Genshin Impact’s world before being able to enter; upon entering the Ruin’s Halls, keep exploring until you come across a large chamber filled with yet more enemies before finding yourself face-to-face with another rewards capsule containing one more Jade Plate!

5 Mt Aozang: This ancient mountain peak is found just south of Dadaupa Gorge in Liyue where monolithic ruins have since been nestled inside its majestic walls waiting for adventurers daring enough explore their secrets! Before doing so however make sure to equip your best weapons as these paths ahead may prove dangerous but also rewarding as – should all obstacles be overcome – inside lies yet one final reward capsule awaiting those courageous enough venture forward: The much- coveted fifth and final Jade Plate!

Ruin Walkthrough & Tips

Genshin Impact is an open-world game that features a variety of activities and dungeons for players to explore. One of these activities is finding the jade plates hidden inside the ruins scattered across Teyvat. To help you find your way around, we’ve compiled this ruin walkthrough and tips.

Before entering any ruins, make sure you have proper equipment and supplies ready. Gathering materials such as geo-crystals is essential to surviving the harsh environment so take plenty of them with you in case things get tough during your journey. You’ll also need to stock up on food items and healing items if you want to survive longer in the dungeon.

The ruin area itself will be filled with enemies of varying strength levels ranging from easy to hard so make sure you’re prepared for combat if it becomes necessary. If not, then avoid them as best as possible. In addition, most of the puzzles inside are easy enough for beginners but there are a few that may require a bit more thought or trial and error so keep an eye out for those too!

When searching for jade plates, remember that they are usually found at the end of each puzzle or near environmental hazards such as fire pits or quickly draining water pools so be mindful when traversing through any ruined areas! With this in mind, have fun exploring until you find all of the jade plates successfully!

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